An Introduction

I read somewhere that the first blog post of any blog should be an introduction of the blogger plus a brief overview of what the blog will be about.

Obviously, that didn’t happen here LOL.
Oh well, Better late than never right? So let me start over.
Hi. My name is Roen. That is not my real name.

I’m 20-something from somewhere on earth.

I like Japanese anime and manga, cosplay, food, classic novels, psychological tests, crayola, lemon milk tea (cold), make-up, clothes, the smell of Marlboro black, popcorn, young-adult and general fiction, dogs, cats, cooking, flea markets and sleep.

I love sleep.

I started this blog out of boredom and also as a way for me to practice my increasingly deteriorating writing skills. You’d probably end up seeing a lot of random crap on this blog but I’d probably do a couple of anime or manga reviews every now and then. Well, I call them “reviews” but the are really more like my twisted perception of a certain anime or manga (see previous post as an example)

Anyway, that’s it for now.


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